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Environmental/Energy Efficiency Award


Awarded for the motion control product, system or service, which has made a significant contribution to environmental issues, such as energy savings, emissions control, noise reduction or life cycle costs.


Brammer Buck & Hickman: Compressed Air System Audits


Up to 30% of a compressor’s output is lost through air leaks.  Brammer Buck & Hickman’s Compressed Air System Audits provide a detailed report: 1. description of the leak 2. estimated monetary value per leak 3.photographs of the leaking part/area  4. remedial list of parts or actions required. This audit saves money by identifying ways to improve the efficiency of a customer’s compressed air system.  At Magna Exterior Systems, our Audit resulted in £130k savings over three years.

  • BOGE Compressors: Cranswick Foods

  • Brammer Buck & Hickman: Compressed Air System Audits

  • Kabel.Consult.Ing: Energy-Light Drive System

  • X-Design: Pneu-Saver

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