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Technical Innovation of the Year


Awarded for the most innovative motion control product, system or service (new or redeveloped) with effectiveness being demonstrated via application details.


SMC Pneumatics: EX600W Integrated Wireless Valve System


The EX600W was developed to eliminate the need of a communications cable in a multi axis robot or multi axis pick and place cabling system. Power and air can be supplied very robustly in a robot through the robot arm but work fatigue of an industrial communication cable is a recognised issue. By adopting the wireless system customers benefit from reduced installation time and eliminate costly production downtime.

  • 123 Insight: 123insight MRP Software

  • ABB: ABB Ability™ Digital Powertrain

  • Danfoss Drives: FlexMotion™ Multipurpose Universal Servo Drive System

  • Elmo Motion Control: Quartet: A Miniature 4-Axis Motion Control System

  • Gardner Denver: iConn

  • JETCAM International: Expert CADCAM and Nesting Software

  • Physik Instrumente: PIRest Actuator

  • SMC Pneumatics: EX600W Integrated Wireless Valve System

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